Buildings are constructed, altered, upgraded, restored, or demolished for a variety of reasons. The aim may be to provide more space or to make financial gains from speculative development. All building project need to fulfill a function and meet some performance requirements, no matter how foundationals or sophisticated the clients requirements may be.

5-Bedroom Deplux.All rooms ensuite.


The Primary function of a building is to provide shelter from weather, for walking and playing in. Therefore the functions are as follows :-

  1. The Functional Requirements includes safety, security, safety, functionality i.e ease of use of operations.
  2. Adaptability and durability.
  3. Ease of maintenance or easy to maintain, periodic repairs and replacements.
  4. Ability to accomomdate materials and components.

The overall aim of all these is to achieve this functions using the most appropriate resources.


The performance of a building is determined by the number of interrelated factors set by the client, legislation and society.
Client performance requirements vary from project to project. The main considerations are likely to be Space. The space is determined by a figure for floor area or volume and stage. Therefore the performances includes :

  1. Terminal and acoustic performance.
  2. Design Life and Service Life of the building as a specific building element.
  3. Cost of Construction - Cost in use and cost of demolition and recycling.
  4. Quality of finished building.
  5. Appearance of the finished building.

Other specific performance criteria will relate to the use of the building. For example :
The provision of special work surface for catering establishment.
Legislative Performance - These are requirements that are set out in building codes and regulations.
Specific Performance requirements are given for certain areas. Example : the thermal insulation of works and fire protection of doors and this must be made in the proposed construction method.

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