Proposed site layout plan base on information on site

After the site visit, the contractor should prepare a layout plan base on his information. This should show : access road, the concrete mixer and stock piles of fine and coarse aggregate, water source, offices, stores, shades, canteen, timber stack, reinforcement rack, etc.


Site facilities are preliminary facilities required on site for effective project execution. They allow for assembling and dismantling after practical completion of works.
They includes : Temporary Services, Site Office, Access Road, Material Storage Facility, Accommodation, Site Hut, Security.

Importance of the provision of the following facilities on site

  1. Temporary Services
    The site should be provided with a minimum suitable metered supply of electricity and Water. These services will enhance effective job delivery. The Contractor shall be responsible for providing the necessary lighting during construction until handing over.
  2. Site Office
    Site Personnel requires office spaces for day to day running of the project. The site office shall be for employer’s representative in accordance with the plans prepared by the Contractor. It shall also be used for storage of information and documents of the project.
  3. Access Road
    In a construction site, access road to site is required for site personnel, construction plant and delivery vehicles during the construction period.
    Fire fighting equipments must have clear access in case of fire or emergency occurring during the construction.
  4. Material Storage Facility
    Materials and plant on site must be stored so as to protect them from weather and site operations.
  5. Accommodation
    Site Personnel requires comfort facilities. These are usually provided in specialist prefabricated site unit. The well being of the construction worker is an important factor which must be overemphasized during preliminary briefings before the commencement of the project.
  6. Site Huts
    This is a temporary structures provided on site for canteen services and transitional resting zone during break period and site meetings.

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